Thunder Ridge Sports  

AMA Sanctioned Motocross 

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Pee Wee to Experts Motocross

The main motocross track is designed to allow beginners a great race experience, yet, be a challenge to the seasoned veteran racer.

Hare Scrambles for Quads

The woods courses are thought out to test the quad racers talent and technique whether it be dry and sunny or wet and rainy.

Hare Scrambles for Motorcycles

Conquer the mountainside trails of Thunder Ridge, but only if you are up to that challenge

Pee Wee to Expert Quad Motocross

Motorcycles are not the only machine allowed to race the "Ridge". Quads are always welcome.

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Come Conquer "The Ridge"

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Thunder Ridge Sports 2013

2013 ushers in Thunder Ridge Sports 40th year of family racing fun.

Thunder Ridge Cycle Park is comprised of close to 380 Acres of woods and fields. We have a reputation for constant and consistent growth and change. We are never satisfied but rather always are looking more avenues for kids and families to find fun and time exploring motorized sports together.

This is our 40th season of racing and riding fun. While I can’t tell you exactly when motorcycles first graced these hills, I do know that if you include the riding my father and his buddies did here while I was growing up, the Park as an off-road motorcycle Mecca has seen all types of motorized fun since sometime in the mid 60’s and longer than our professional brethren just a couple miles to the north on rte. 8

Thunder Ridge Sports has undergone many changes throughout it's 40 year existance. Most recently though, full attention has been given to the main motocross track soil rehabilitation. For over a year now, sands and organics have been turned into the course to covert the packed down clay base back into its original state, being a soil that will be able to hold moisture a lot longer and greatly reduce the airborne dust even on the warmest and sunniest of days.

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